Cathedral Mobility


Welcome to the Cathedral Mobility Project. We are a team of Portland State University graduate urban planning students. We’re working with the Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) on a mobility plan for the neighborhood aimed at improving walking, biking, rolling, and transit conditions.

The plan will combine community feedback and expert opinions from professionals with the City, the State, and private consultants to create an implementable plan useful to the City and community advocates.


What has happened so far?

Our project started in mid-January 2019 with several on-site walks and deep dives into the existing conditions, demographics, and history of the neighborhood. You may have seen our flier on your front door in early March inviting you to fill out our first online survey. We had a terrific response! We had over 150 comments telling us how you get around the area without a car; where the biggest biking, walking, rolling (wheelchair, mobility device), and transit issues are; and also, some suggestions on how to make it better. You can see the whole report here.


At the end of March, we hosted an Open House at the Baha’i Center on Ivanhoe that featured several interactive exhibits. Like the survey, this event also explored current transportation issues, but focused more on which improvements community members supported.

For example, one such exhibit asked folks to vote for changes they would support in the neighborhood, without clarifying specific locations. Of 11 options, the most popular were:

  1. Improved Crosswalks
  2. Stairways
  3. Funicular (micro-railway)
  4. Improved bikeways
  5. Traffic calming


What’s Next?

Building on what we have heard so far, our second survey was recently released that attaches improvements to specific locations and asks people to prioritize them. You can find it here.

This feedback is being combined with insights from professionals at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Oregon Department of Transportation, and local development firms to form draft recommendations to present to the CPNA. These recommendations will reflect the community’s concerns and priorities.

We want to give the community a chance to discuss the recommendations before the plan is finalized. On May 14, during the normally scheduled monthly CPNA meeting, we will be conducting an hour-long workshop. We will present our draft recommendations and ask for your feedback.  This is a great opportunity to shape this plan and have a positive impact on the neighborhood.